Evidence shows similar road rage incidents in Central Pennsylvania and Kentucky are not related

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Evidence collected from fatal road rage incidents in Central Pennsylvania and Kentucky show they’re not connected.  Meanwhile, authorities continue to search for the person who shot and killed a man on I-81 last weekend.  The road rage happened along I-81 in Antrim Township, Franklin County.  Police say he could be anywhere at this point.

The shooting death of Timothy Davison, of Poland, Maine has investigators around the country questioning if similar incidents in their communities are related.  This includes a police ambush that happened last year in Nelson County, Kentucky.

Pennsylvania State Police Captain Steven Junken says, “At this point there is nothing to suggest their incident is linked to the murder of Timothy Davison.”

Then another apparent road rage shooting- that one in York County last Friday night.  It happened hours before the incident that Killed Davison.

Captain Junken says, “Evidence from both scenes were submitted to Pennsylvania State Police lab for analysis and based on that analysis we believe the two are not related.”

So the search for the person responsible continues.

Junken says, “We are asking the public to help locate the driver of a Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck driven likely by a male.  We believe the truck has damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle.”

And the need to be aware of the dangers of road rage remains.

“We have an individual out there who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison and took it to the next step .  He murdered an individual.  Will this person do it again?  We don’t know and don’t want to take that chance,” says Junken.

Junken says there’s a good chance someone driving between I-70 in Maryland and Exit 10 in Pennsylvania in the early hours of January 4th could be a witness.  Police urge you to call 911 if you experience road rage.  Also, if you know anything about the crimes, call the I-81 homicide task force at 1-800-472-8477.

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