Franklin County robber targets elderly women

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A string of home invasions and robberies in Franklin County has people fearing for their safety.

Pennsylvania State Police say the man will likely strike again.

The suspect who police describe as a 5’4″ to 5’7″ white man — has broken into four homes in Antrim and Quincy Townships in Franklin County.

He’s after money and his target are elderly women.

“Some of the cases he has forcibly entered the home and in some of the cases he has entered through unlocked doors,” says Trooper John Hicks, with the Pennsylvania State Police.

FOX43 spoke with one of the victims off camera.

She’s an 84 year old woman who most of the time, lives by herself.

She tells FOX43 that she locks her doors but the man broke into her home through a window around 4AM on Wednesday morning.

He demanded cash but only got away with 30 dollars.

She says in other cases the man stole iPads and jewelery.

People who lives nearby are afraid it could be one of their neighbors and police are asking people to be aware of their surroundings.

“We’re asking people to take some proactive measures, make sure you lock your doors, maybe leave some lights on in your home, if you have any elderly neighbors go check on them and make sure they’re OK,” says Hicks.

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