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Private investigator links Kortne Stouffer to 18 other women

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A private investigator in Florida believes Kortne Stouffer’s disappearance could be linked to several abductions and murders of young women throughout Kentucky and surrounding states.

The Investigator says she is one of 18 women who fit the profile of missing women or women killed during the past three years.

From Florida to Michigan, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania — private investigator, Bill Warner, says it’s these women’s looks that make these cases so similar.

But Kortne Stouffer’s father and the Lebanon County District Attorney aren’t buying it.

Long blonde hair, blue or brown eyes, and 18 to 26 years old…those are the facts that private investigator Bill Warner says links these 18 women together.

“I was getting concerned and I started putting this information out because to me it appeared to be a profile of serial abductor who was looking for a particular type of young girl,” says Bill Warner.

Warner began looking into these cases in 2011 with missing women in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Warner says it’s not just the looks that tie these women together.

The “nothing” part is a link too.

“No person of interest no suspects, none of the boyfriends know what happened to them none of their parents know what happened to them it’s just like someone had been targeting a specific look and a specific young woman,” says Warner.

He says the FBI is already investigating these as individual cases but wants them to look at it as a whole.

“Maybe somebody ought to take a step back here and look and the appearance of all these girls who look like sisters, it’s like a family photo!” says Warner.

While, Lebanon County District Attorney, Dave Arnold says Warner’s theory is interesting, he doesn’t find any truth to it.

“He has no factual link between any of these girls other than the fact that they all share physical characteristics in terms of the blonde hair blue eyes sort of thing,” says Arnold.

Arnold says in no way should people feel this is all the act of one person.

“If we had any indication, any indication, or any information about a serial killer or that sort of thing taking place we absolutely positively would let the community know. If you compare all of the circumstances and if you’re trying to suggest that one person is responsible for all of these disappearances from a factual standpoint there’s nothing to suggest that that’s true.” says Arnold.

Kortne’s father, Scott tells FOX43 he doesn’t believe Kortne’s case is related to any others.

He says he as well as County Investigators have been following other leads for quite some time.

Arnold wouldn’t add on what exactly those leads are because he doesn’t want it to infringe on the investigation.