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Former meth lab homes could be good bargains for buyers

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You never really know who your neighbors are. That’s what people said who live near a home on Cherry Hill Road in Paradise Township, Lancaster County. John Keeney’s daughter lives down the street from where the meth lab was dismantled. He said “people that are doing this are in the markets just like you and I, but they’re not wearing a sign hey I make meth.”

The house on Cherry Hill Road didn’t have telltale signs either. Thomas Weik of Kingsway Realty has dealt with homes where crimes have been committed. “A lot of agents feel it’s their moral obligation to disclose it to a buyer but legally we really don’t have to, but we do” said Weik.

For the right kind of buyer, Weik said the bargains are there. “To some buyers they walk away right away. Other buyers may think about it for a while and worry about a possible value impact down the road so they don’t pursue it. Other buyers say maybe I can get this for less than market value” said Weik.

Weik doubts this bust will affect property values in Paradise Township and people who live there agree. “It’s a peaceful, usually peaceful and a nice neighborhood you got really nice Amish neighbors” said Arthur Freeland who lives near the dismantled lab.

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  • veb

    do you really want to take the risk of having some junkie knocking on your door at 3 in the morning because he doesnt know the other person is gone? no thanks.

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