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York County man catches burglar in the act

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A York County man catches a burglar in the act.

Homeowner, Kevin Baker, says he came home Monday afternoon for lunch at the perfect time.

He says he now knows why he randomly decided to leave work 10 minutes early.

“I had gotten home the gentleman’s van was backed up here along the 3 car garage,” says Kevin Baker.

Baker says with 3 teenagers and a home service, it isn’t out of the ordinary to have random cars parked in the driveway.

“Upon entering the house it was real quiet in here I expected to have some chit chat going on with people in here,” says Baker.

But he says something seemed off.

“I had come in the door and walked to the counter here and just stood and hadn’t even taken my coat off yet and within minutes heard someone come walking down the steps,” says Baker.

Baker was standing at the end of the counter waiting for his wife to come downstairs and when he saw the intruder making his way to the door, he immediately got right in front of him.

“I reacted and yelled at him to stop and asked him who he was, what were you doing in my home,” says Baker.

And that’s when things got physical.

“We were exchanging blows back and forth, the door got taken off the hinges, we busted the pegs and light in here,” says Baker.

Baker says he got on top of 44 year old Robert Dierich of Camp Hill and put him in a choke hold until police arrived.

Baker says he wasn’t expecting an eventful lunch break, but he’s prepared if there’s a next time.

“I hope no one does again because it’s not going to end well,” says Baker.

The burglar stole jewelry but it was returned once police raided the van.

Dierich is charged with burglary, robbery, simple assault, and theft.

As of Wednesday evening Dierich is being held in York County prison on $20,000 bail.