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Would you rather be fat or fit? The answer may surprise you!

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By, Emma Innes (Daily Mail)

One in five obese adults would rather be fat than have to watch what they eat, new research has revealed.

Some 17 per cent also say they have never attempted to lose weight and 48 per cent are resigned to remaining obese because they lack the willpower to diet.

Nuffield Health surveyed 550 obese people and asked them about their attitudes towards exercise and weight loss.

A quarter said they do not have time to exercise and 40 per cent claimed to find exercise boring.

A new survey has revealed that one in five obese British adults would rather remain overweight than have to watch what they eat – some 17 per cent also say they have never attempted to lose weight

Shockingly, one in seven said they would rather risk their healthy by being overweight than have to do exercise.

The news comes just the day after Lord Tebbit said that fat people have only themselves to blame for their obesity if they insist on ‘stuffing themselves silly’.

The former Tory chairman said people’s ‘stupid actions’ in eating ‘rubbish’ foods all day was behind the rise in obesity.

He was cheered in the House of Lords when he told peers that rather than setting up government initiatives to persuade  people to eat more healthily, ministers should simply tell them that weight is a matter of individual responsibility.

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  • GimmeABreak

    I've been both morbidly obese at >300 pounds and now 190 with amateur bodybuilding stats and for me I'd rather be extremely fit…due to my self-esteem, happiness and well being when I'm fit and lack of it when I'm fat.

    But to other peoples surprise, if you are fat and are truly happy / content with being fat then more power to you. Personally I find it difficult to accept that someone / anyone can truly be happy / content with being fat but again if they are then more power to them. As I've noticed from peers everyone deals with being fat differently therefore I use the same reasoning on this as I do on many social issues… I will not impose my views / feelings / etc. on others if they are doing me no harm.

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