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York County Credit Union thwarts identity thief

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Financial institutions in Central Pennsylvania are getting tough on a rising number of fraud and identity thefts.  A local credit union worked with police to set up a sting to catch a thief.  The accused thief is now facing several charges related to identity theft.  He started out wanting to become of the First Capital Credit Union.

But during his application for a loan, employees at the credit union and Springettsbury Township Police learned more about how the man allegedly stole someone’s identity.

Daniel Flash told Bill Pacacha, of First Capital, that he lived in Ohio.  Flash is actually from Brooklyn, New York.

Pacacha says, “It started last Friday when an individual came to apply for membership and to apply for a loan.”

Pacacha says their applicant was in town working at a company, so they were told.  “During the interview process several red flags began to appear because some of the answers to our questions were off.  Not aware of things on his credit report and his pay stub was inconsistent.”

Those warning signs prompted credit union employees to contact the real Ohio resident who verified he was not in town doing a transaction.

“Springettsbury Township Police worked with us to set up a sting and over a 2 day period it culminated in his arrest when he came in to sign the loan documents,” says Pacacha.

Financial Advisor, James Igo, of Morgan Stanley, says fraud and identity theft are becoming larger problems.  But there are ways you can protect yourself.

Igo says, “You’ve got to be very careful with who you give your information to.  Whether online, in person, application.  Make sure the person asking for a Social Security Number or Date of Birth, it is necessary for you to continue further business with that person and be careful with telemarketing.”

Flash is charged with forgery, theft by deception, identity theft and access device fraud.  No financial harm was done to the person whose identity was stolen in Ohio.