Judge strikes down Pennsylvania voter ID law

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Allie Malloy (CNN)–A Pennsylvania judge on Friday struck down a law requiring voters in that state to show photo identification at the polls, stating the requirement was an “unreasonable burden.”

State Judge Bernard McGinley’s ruling comes nearly two years after civil and voters’ rights groups challenged the law, which Gov. Tom Corbett signed in March 2012 but never went into effect because of the court case.

“Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal,” McGinley said in his ruling.



  • MyTakeOnIt

    I lean liberal and don't see why providing identification is such a problem. I did not think implementing this as fast as it was proposed was necessary but sometime in the future would have been reasonable.

  • Linda

    Why do Judges think they are a loud to change the laws that are in place. They are only to enforce what is the law. This happens all the time. We make a law and then Judges just say no we can't do that. People have to show their photo ID's all the time. At the doctors, banks, to get a loan, there are many places. What is the big deal and it is the law now. It is not an unreasonable burden. If that is a unreasonable burden then some judges better strike down Obama care because THAT is an unreasonable burden. Tired of these progressive judges that play dictator.

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