Sperm donor switch shocks family

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The University of Utah says its investigation into an ex-convict fertility clinic worker has hit some speedbumps, chief among those being an absence of records from a private employer tied to the U.

The employee is Thomas Lippert, convicted of conspiracy in a high-profile 1975 Minnesota kidnapping case, and the clinic is Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc. (RMTI), closed since 1998.

Lippert, who died in 1999, is accused by a Texas couple of switching his semen with the husband’s to father their now-21-year-old daughter.

As of midday Tuesday, 17 people had called a hotline (801-587-5852) set up by the U. to field concerns from other RMTI clients, but of those only one had merited follow-up investigation, said University spokeswoman Kathy Wilets on Tuesday. Those with suspicions can also try to reach the Texas couple through a dedicated independent website, “Was Your Child Fathered by Thomas Lippert?

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