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York County donut shop looks to expand by popular demand

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A York County family business from the 1940’s is taking its traditional donut making operations to a national level.

Owner, Charlie Burnside says, “It’s a balanced diet, a donut in each hand, you can’t beat it.”

Burnside’s motto began in 1946.  He says, “All my life I’ve been involved.  It started on Maple Street with my father and we’ve continued to grow ever since then.”

They family owned business now offers hundreds of varieties of donuts at stores throughout York County.

Rolling into the future, Burnside and his team are ready to expand.  He says, “We need to expand up to over a 7,000 square foot freezer adjacent to our property here so we can fulfill the needs of what our wholesale customers are asking us for.”

Springettsbury Township Manager, John Holman says he supports the expansion and the 10-15 new jobs it will create.

Holman says, “Very encouraging to see an existing business reinvesting in themselves because that means they’re looking to stay in the township and continue to be an employer for the township.”

Grandson, Luke says, “We’re keeping the family business alive and continuing to grow from years to come, we’ll be there and continue to support the community.”

A plan for the future with a family of successors.  Burnside says, “My donuts are like my grandchildren. I love them all.”

Luke adds, “That’s quite an honor because I know how highly he thinks of his donuts.”

Burnside says the expansion will allow for a grocery store, frozen business in places around the country.

Holman says the board of supervisors will decide whether or not to approve the plan in March.  If approved, Maple Donuts will submit a building permit.

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