Sinkholes growing in Palmyra

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It’s a waiting game for the families living at the intersection of East Cherry and South Grant Streets in Palmyra. Every day, they look at the sinkholes that condemned several homes and forced their neighbors out.

“Pretty much every morning you look out the window, you see is it getting bigger, is there one in the street yet,” says Jael Wolf, who lives across the street from the houses.

The borough filled the sinkholes on East Cherry and South Grant streets.
But after a water main break, the sinkholes under the homes are only getting bigger.

The borough has brought in surveyors for geological testing to see what’s causing the sinkholes.
Neighbors are worried that these houses will come crashing down soon.

“You have some sleepless nights, that’s for sure,” says Monica Combs, across the street. “You just never know. To pick up and move somewhere else it’s just so hard. I have looked, it’s just that you think of everything you have to do over.”

They see signs that more sinkholes will open up. The borough filled one of the first sinkholes that opened in October, on East Cherry street.
But in the past month, neighbors say the street is developing a dip. it’s right down the center line.