Deer is rescued after falling through the ice at Lake Marburg

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photo 2 deer rescue Lake Mur

Four deer attempted to cross the partially iced over Lake Marburg and reportedly three of them didn’t make it.

According to Park Ranger Bill Hornberger three of the four deer, two does and a buck, were attempting to cross the lake at Codorus State Park and fell through the ice on Thursday.

He observed that three of the deer got out on their own, but the buck was too heavy to pull himself out.

Wildlife Conservation officer Steve Knickel arrived and found that the deer had only made it about two-thirds of the way from on side to the other before falling.

Knickel immediately began worrying about the temperature of the water and the amount of time that had passed. He thought of water rescue but his training was in saving people not a struggling 180 pound 6 point buck.

Concerned about possible broken bones and hypothermia, officials decided to use the parks backup boats to the Marina’s i Dock to save the animal. Halfway out onto the lake they found the ice to be too thick and had to turn back.

They then entered from the same side of the lake the deer went and were able to get within 10 feet of the animal.

Knickel was able to then throw a rescue strap over the deers antlers and slowly pull the buck to shore.

photo 5buck

Officials say once the deer was out of the water he made his way up onto the bank of the lake and walked into the woods.

Knickel says the buck was one of the lucky ones.