Defrocked Lebanon Pastor speaks to congregation in Lancaster

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A former Lebanon Pastor, who was defrocked for presiding over his gay son’s same-sex wedding ceremony, spoke on Sunday at a Lancaster Church.
The Board of Ordained Ministry found former Mount Zion United Methodist Church Rev. Frank Schaefer guilty of officiating his son’s same-sex wedding in 2007.
Schaefer refused to stop performing same-sex marriages and was then defrocked.
During his sermon at the First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Schaefer spoke about how he is still supporting same-sex couples, even if the church is not. He also says he’s happy to be receiving overwhelming support.
“It feels great, you know, to be still used by God in a ministerial way even though I was defrocked by the church. It really is an affirmation by God, I have called you first and the church has confirmed that call, but even if the church no longer supports you, I’m still here to support you and I’m giving you these opportunities to speak,” Schaefer said.
He is currently appealing the Ministry’s decision to have him defrocked.