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Snow prep underway in York County

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People in York County are preparing for Tuesday’s expected snowfall.

Salt trucks in York Township, York County worked with a sense of urgency today.

“We spent today pretty much prepping for everything for tomorrow,”says Gary Miller, a mechanic for York Township.

Miller was in his truck laying down a solution to help people who have to travel Tuesday morning.

“A salt and water mixture that keeps the snow and ice from adhering to a roadway so we can plow it clean,” says Miller.

York Township wasn’t the only ones calling in extra crews.

Weis Markets at the Queens Gate Plaza was ready for the onslaught of shoppers.

“We called in extra help for the day we got an extra shipment of milk, eggs, water, you know so, we’re prepared we want to take care of our customers,” says Weis Markets Manager, Bryan Lovett.

“The grocery stores are crazy,” says a shopper.

Those grabbing last minute items wouldn’t mind another day to relax.

“I drive school bus so I doubt we’ll have school but I’m hoping that we at least have a half a day that would be nice because we’ve missed a lot so far but other than that I’ll go about my day,” says Donna Gilbert, of York Township.

And people say they aren’t scared for the accumulation, either.

“Not really, I like the snow, I’m glad we’re getting a big snow, hopefully it’ll be bigger I’m hoping more toward 8 inches than 4,” says Gina Petrong of Spry.

Families say it’s a good excuse to pop in a few movies and stay off the roads.

“Definitely a lot of extra quality family time, just snuggling up together,” says Petrong.

Snowfall is expected to hit right as the morning commute begins.

Plow drivers in York Township say once the snow starts to fall, they’re out clearing the roads.