9 people sent to hospital after tanker explosion creates toxic fumes

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A Hazmat incident in Adams County resulted in 9 people being sent to the hospital.

Cashtown fire officials say the air is now clean outside of the Knouse Foods Plant, in Orrtanna.  But throughout the morning, emergency responders took employees to neighboring properties to be sheltered from the toxic chemicals.

The trailer fire erupted around 8:30 Tuesday morning.  Fire Officials say they were originally dispatched for a vehicle fire.  But when they arrived, they had to take precautionary measures to put out the fire that engulfed the truck.  We’re told employees were lining a tank with a foam based product inside the truck.  Officials say smoke quickly filled the air.  The biggest concern was the fire contained mixed chemicals of propane and acetane.

Cashtown fire chief, Jeff Bowling says, “The compound of the different chemicals were very toxic.  Elevated levels of Co levels in the bloodstreams, several firefighters taken to the hospital for treatment.”

Bowling says police, employees and at least 2 truck drivers were taken to hospitals around the area.  They are being treated for breathing problems related to the fumes.  Everyone is expected to be okay.

The Department of Environmental Protection was also on the scene investigating the cause of the incident and determining the clean up costs.


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