Snow emergency declared in City of Lancaster

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As of early Tuesday afternoon a snow emergency was declared in the City of Lancaster. Vehicles that are parked on the street need to be moved in order for the city to plow the streets. Garages in the city are open and free for people to park their cars in.

If you’re parked in a designated emergency snow route then you could face a $30 fine or run the risk of having your car towed. To view the designated emergency snow routes in the city of Lancaster click here.

Despite the snow emergency many folks took advantage of the snow day. One dog owner, Emma Robertson of Lancaster, let her pooch run in Buchanan Park. She said her dog “goes nuts over the snow. She’ll put her face up and let all the snow fall in her face. She just gets really excited about the snow!”

Another woman, Abby Bomar, was visiting from Memphis Tennessee. She said “usually we get a little bit of dusting and schools let out if it’s even a prediction of snow. But this is the most snow I have ever seen in my life.”

But not everyone had a positive reaction to the snow. Tom Miller is a deliveryman who delivers fresh produce in the City of Lancaster. He said he pretty much has the same reaction every morning when he wakes up and sees a lot of snow. “I’m thinking it’s going to be a fun day. [laughs] You just have to plan you know. Dress a little warmer and be a little more patient. That’s the key though you just have to be a little more patient out here” said Miller.

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