Angry residents flood towtruck company in Lancaster

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Dozens of residents showed up at Silverback Towing located at 1103 Ranck Mill Road in Lancaster this morning to retrieve their cars after they had been towed during Tuesday’s snowstorm. Many of the motorists were rankled, especially at the prospect of laying out $180 to get their cars back. One driver we talked to told us he walked two hours to get to the facility.

Dave Rohrer’s car got towed. He said his car was parked on South Queen because he was helping elderly and disabled folks dig out.

Robert Hall of Lancaster was towed. He works 3rd shift, so he says he was asleep when the Snow Emergency was declared. He and others expressed that more effort should be made to notify people who are being towed.


The city provides free parking at several city garages during snow emergencies.



  • Lola

    Yes, the city's Parking Authority Director is supposed to allow residents to park free of charge in the city garages except when he's not doing his job and residents get charged for parking in the garages. Oh, wait a minute, he claims there was a misunderstanding. What does this guy get paid as Parking Authority Director? Doesn't he get paid to know how to handle emergency weather situations? Shame on him. And I hope everyone who got charged got their money back.

  • Frank

    Get a bicycle. The towing charge is cheaper. A skate board is even cheaper if it's
    towed. I would swear I saw Former Mayor Thompson riding a skate board down
    12th street today.

  • Kevin

    Feel bad for you guys in Lancaster, but my son had to pay $386, because his car was disabled on the off ramp of 83 south in Camp Hill before the first storm. I was in the process of getting a tow truck and an hour later I went back to get his car and it was gone. I live 5 blocks from where it was stuck and they towed it 5 miles away to the east shore. Now that’s something to get pissed off about…

  • Mickey

    Considering the amount of snow we got, it doesn't make sense to me that people who live on snow emergency routes weren't making it a point to see if an emergency had been declared.

    I'm glad they finally started towing cars. I live on a snow emergency route. Every time they call an emergency, there are 1 or 2 jerks who don't bother moving their cars. Because of that, our street does not get totally cleared meaning fewer parking spots. If you can't bother to take you car to a garage like the rest of us, don't park on those streets.

    That being said, I think they did a poor job giving people enough time to move their cars after the emergency was lifted.

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