Dover SD Earns Grant for School Resource Officer

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Dover Area School District is receiving the Safe Schools Office’s Target Grant. This grant would allow the school to hire a School Resource Officer through Northern York County Regional Police Department, according to a press release from Representative Seth Grove.

“I personally worked with the Department of Education to get this grant would be approved to ensure our children have another layer of safety,” Grove said. “I am certain the Dover Area School District would benefit immensely by adding a School Resource Officer (SRO) to the district’s administration. Not only would the mere presence of an SRO contribute to a reduction in criminal activities in the Dover Area School District, but an SRO would have a unique prospective in dealing with potential adverse activity, or other delinquent youth behavior. Additionally, with an NYCRPD officer as an active member of the school community, he or she could help propose strategies and implement procedures for preventing and minimizing dangerous situations and potential emergencies. In addition this officer is trained and would now be ideally placed to quickly respond to any active violent crime that is taking place at the school. The presence of this SRO is essential because it will serve to keep our students safe while they attend school.”

Chief Mark Bentzel Northern York County Regional Police hopes other schools will follow Dover’s lead in pursuing School Resource Officers. “We have had a history of success with this program, and this is an excellent opportunity to enhance visibility of the program along with the security and education of the students.”

The Dover Area School Board will now begin the process of approving and implementing the grant.

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