Fire in Union Township destroys home and kills dog

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Fire destroyed an Adams County home Wednesday morning and killed one of the pets inside. The fire began around 9AM at the home on Pinetown Road in Union Township. Dana Deitz lives next to the home and watched it catch fire. “The flame was taller than the house and it was shooting out the windows and the smoke was just a mess.”

The owners weren’t home when the fire erupted in the garage, but they did have 3 dogs in the house. Alpha Fire Chief Robert Kelley said “one had passed away, was deceased. And the other two we’re taking them to the humane society and let them take care of them for now.”

Deitz also said “they took good care of their animals so that’s going to be heart breaking for them. But two are safe.” It took about an hour to put out the fire. The fire chief said he hopes the dog that died went peacefully. “I don’t know if he did suffer or anything, but probably inhalation took his life from him” said Chief Kelley.

The Fire Marshall has determined that the fire was caused by a high powered kerosene heater. The fire chief said he made contact with the family and that they are now being assisted by the red cross.