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Man on a barefoot mission

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Capture(FOX NEWS) A Louisville, Kentucky man is on a mission to walk barefoot – for an entire year. He’s ditching his shoes to raise money and awareness for people who don’t have them.

You could say that Richard Hudgins’ journey didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. “The day it started was the day before it snowed, it was December 4th,” said Hudgins. “Just that first hour and a half, I was like there’s no way I can do this.”

But then someone anonymously donated five dollars to his cause and he became determined to go through with it.

47 days later, Hudgins says there’s nothing easy about his barefoot adventure, but the cause keeps him going.

“Millions of children are without shoes and these kids are dying and having their limbs cut off just because they don’t have anything to protect their feet,” said Hudgins.

Hudgins spends his days working barefoot at a hair salon and even steps into area restaurants barefoot.

“I haven’t had any restrictions yet,” said Hudgins. “All of these business have been extremely supportive and I’m so happy to live in this town that we have these businesses who are absolutely fine with it”

However he has found that not everyone is fine with it. Hudgins gets mixed reactions from a lot of laughs to a few bad looks.

“It is very awkward and it’s kind of humiliating in a way,” said Hudgins. “I guess, I don’t want it to be and I don’t want to be humiliated because I know I’m doing it for a good cause.”

You can follow his progress and donate to his cause on his website –