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Judge Thomas Kelley cited for not reporting crash

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York Area Regional Police have issued Judge Thomas Kelley three citations related to an incident on Saturday where he allegedly crashed into a fire hydrant, and did not report it to police.

Thomas Kelley is a judge on the York County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania.

According to Sgt. Jeff Dunbar, officers responded to the 800-block of Nightlight Drive, in York Township, Saturday night at 9:40 p.m. after a neighbor called to report a car had hit a fire hydrant.

“The vehicle was not anywhere nearby, we found some vehicle parts,” said Sgt. Dunbar. Dunbar said officers figured it was someone who lived in the neighborhood and returned the next day to the neighborhood to continue their investigation. Dunbar said officers found similar car parts at the end of Judge Kelley’s driveway.

Dunbar said officers talked to Kelley at which point he showed them his damaged Mercedes.

York Area Regional Police filed three citations on Thursday against Kelley: failure to report an accident to law enforcement, damage to unattended property, and careless driving.

Click here to see Judge Kelley’s citations.

Judge Kelley’s attorney Christoper Ferro was not available for comment.


  • Denny

    This judge is a mess and should not be on the bench, alcohol not involved? He is at a bar every night.
    Why not hit and run/ leaving the scene of a accident. If it was one of us we would be charged already and out on bail.

  • Diana

    One more thing, a misunderstanding? You hit a fire hydrant and leave a trail of car parts to your driveway and you didn't think to report it? Hmmmmm and your a judge demoted to family court because you beat the heck out of your girlfriend…..hmmmmm I see the need for a internal investigation of York county court and northern regional police.

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