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Colorado student sets himself on fire

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(KDVR) WESTMINSTER, Colo. — A student walked into the Standley Lake High School cafeteria on Monday morning and set himself on fire, causing severe injuries to himself and causing the evacuation and closure of the high school.

The student’s identity and grade level were yet to be released, but Westminster Police spokesperson Cheri Spottke said he walked into the school around 7:15 a.m. and used an unconfirmed substance to light himself on fire.

Two cafeteria workers put out the fire quickly, Spottke said, using a fire extinguisher in the area to do so, but not before the student suffered severe injuries. One of the cafeteria workers also suffered minor injuries when she broke the glass to access the fire extinguisher, Spottke said.

Spottke also confirmed there were students in the cafeteria who witnessed the student lighting himself on fire.

FOX31 Denver has identified the student who set himself on fire, but will not release the name until authorities can notify friends and family.

The student, who is 16, appeared to have left a suicide note on social media saying “I had planned this for years,” and “There was nothing that anyone could have done [to] ‘save me.’”

“To all my ‘friends’ thanks for all that you have done, you were such a kind and loving people,” the note read.

Authorities have not commented on the suicide note.

The student was transported to a nearby hospital shortly after the fire was extinguished. His condition has not been disclosed.

A spokesperson from the Jefferson County School District said students were ushered away from the school in buses and taken to a nearby school, where parents were advised to pick them up.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    When the hell are we going to get 21st century and have all kids home-schooled via computer. Shootings every day, escalating costs, bullying and all the other stupid crap that goes on in 5-day schooling in brick and mortar buildings.

    • veb

      that is a great idea in theory. but how many people can afford to stay home with them to home school? now a days you need both parents working to pay the bills.

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