Shrewsbury Christian Academy will open doors next week after fixing burst pipes

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Last Thursday a gas powered furnace in the Shrewsbury Christian Academy stopped working. That caused pipes in a bathroom next door to freeze which flooded the entire school with more than an inch of water.

School administrators said the school will open sometime before February 5th. Some parents said their kids are excited to return to school and see their friends.

Alan Umstead is the Chairman of the Shrewsbury Christian Academy School Board. He said he understands parents may be frustrated, but is asking for patience. “I understand, we expect questions, we expect people to critique all the decisions that were made. That’s fine, just be patient because it will open next week” said Umstead.

Umstead said that the school plans to make up the time that has been missed by adding additional days to the end of the school year.


  • Katie S.

    I think the school handled the situation very well. Repairs are being made safely and efficiently and with the children’s best interest in mind. Mr. Ulmstead and Mr. Reddinger have been helpful, tireless, and transparent during this unexpected calamity. The only ones who didn’t handle the story well is YOU fox43. Please present all of the facts before encouraging the public to judge our fine school and it’s awesome administrators. Come and see for yourselves at one of the open houses held by the school.

  • Lara K.

    SCA is a wonderful school with competent leaders who love and care about their students. They always have the kids best interest in mind. I trust their decisions and stand behind them 100%. God has truly blessed Shrewsbury Christian Academy, and I cannot wait to see what God holds in store for this very special place!!

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