Susquehanna Twp. Superintendent files injunction against board members who sued her

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A Dauphin County judge hears why the Susquehanna Township School District’s Superintendent wants two board members to be removed from any and all lawsuits relating to the lawsuit filed against her.  In today’s hearing, judge Deborah Curcillo heard why Superintendent Kegerise is filing and injunction.

Attorney Jason Kutulakis says Kegerise wants board members Jesse Rawls and Mark Sussman to be removed from any executive session in the district related to the lawsuit.  He says he wants the court to order that they can not participate in discussions or votes about the federal lawsuit to be removed from any executive session in the district related to the lawsuit.  But he says he still wants the other 4 board members to be involved in the litigation.

Rawls and Sussman’s attorney, Bret Keisling requested another idea in court.  He says the board should consider the Sunshine Act and appoint a litigation committee to handle the legal issue.

Keisling says, “Mr. Sussman and Mr. Rawls could not demand to be on the committee.  Nor would they.  They would respect that litigation committee.  The problem and reality is the four intervenors want to make sure they control the litigation committee.”

Kutulakis says, “It’s not something novel that he developed today.  It was what we tried to resolve and they weren’t able to come to an agreement.  So unfortunately a little too late.  These two clearly have an interest that are in conflict.  They should be not permitted to participate.”

Next, the judge will issue and order based on what she heard Thursday in court.

Many in the township argue this legal battle is taking away from the good in the district

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