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Family escapes house fire in Earl Township

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Fire crews fought back a house fire in Earl Township, Lancaster County early Saturday night.

The family was inside when the fire started but they were able to get out safely without any injuries.

It happened on the 100-block of South Shirk Road. The fire started just before 5 pm. It took almost an hour to extinguish it.

Water supply was a challenge and firefighters had to bring in tankers.

Fire crews evacuated the home during the fire twice because it was too dangerous. There’s no word on what caused the fire yet.

“It was getting pretty bad and we were concerned about the roof collapse,” says Roy Mellinger, assistant fire chief of Garden Spot Fire and Rescue. “So we brought them out, started to contain a little bit, went back in, and got the same situation so for safety’s sake, we brought them back out again.”