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Undercover prostitution sting nets 5 arrests in Lancaster City

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Prostitution Sting Arrests

A woman and four men were arrested during an undercover prostitution sting in Lancaster City, police said.

The operation was prompted by  reports of prostitution occurring in plain view of the public.

During the three-week operation officers posed undercover as “Johns” or prostitutes. Each arrest involved an agreement between the person and undercover officer where a sexual act was agreed upon in exchange for money.

Arrested were Michelle Denise McLemore, 45, of Narvon; Lewis Awa, 25, of Lancaster; Stephen Sharpe, 52, of Lancaster; Steven Lynn White, 56, of Elizabethtown; and Hector L. Baez, 30, of Lancaster.

McLemore was charged with prostitution and related offenses and possession of drug paraphernalia. All four men were charged with criminal solicitation prostitution.

All five were arrested and taken to the Lancaster City Police station where they were processed and released.

Police will continue to conduct details targeting prostitution over the next few months.

Michelle McLEMORE

Michelle McLemore

Lewis AWA

Lewis Awa

Stephen SHARPE

Stephen Sharpe

Steven L WHITE

Steven L. White

Hector BAEZ

Hector Baez


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