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Fans flock to local pub to support a Super Bowl champ

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At Pete’s East End Pub in Steelton, Dauphin County, they’re going crazy over a hometown hero, Jordan Hill.  The Steel-High and Penn State grad plays defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks.  Hill played in Super Bowl 48 for the Seahawks and the town is ecstatic over him reaching the biggest game in pro football.

Bill Dagenhart, Jordan’s Grandfather

“I’m elated,  I couldn’t want anything more in life.   Honest to god truthfully, its the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”

Beth Greenwalt, Jordan’s Aunt

“Jordan of course is a special guy.  He’s like no other.  He’s sweet and nice to everybody, they call him the mayor of the town, he knows everybody.”

Willie Slade, coached Jordan at Steel-High

“Its awesome.  When you see a kid like Jordan, you know how hard he has worked to get where he is today, in the classroom, on the athletic field and he’s a great kid.  He deserves to be where he is today and its awesome to see it.”

Bill Dagenhart

“I’m so elated.  I can’t wait for this game and I hope the best team wins.  I really wasn’t a football person until him and its just snowballed from there.  I never had an opportunity to have such a great kid and to have somebody play in the Super Bowl and root for a team in all my life. We are cheering and would like to bring  a championship home.  Go Seattle!”

Even though Jordan didn’t play in the big game, he will still get a Super Bowl ring.