Local advertisers weigh in on Super Bowl commercials

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According to some football fans, commercials during Sunday night’s Super Bowl were more exciting than the game itself.
This year, companies spent a record $4-million dollars for just 30-seconds on the air. A total of 43 commercials were on the air, advertising everything from cars to beer.
While they’re fun for most people to watch, a group of local experts also tuned in to analyze every second. Advertisers at Pavone in Harrisburg weren’t just watching the commercials, they were scrutinizing.
“Sometimes you saw some of these spots and they’re funny or whatever, they can be entertaining, but if you don’t remember what the product is in the end, it’s really a waste of
4-million plus dollars,” said Michael Pavone, company President & CEO.
That monetary amount was a record for Super Bowl advertising. Four million sounds outrageous, but these professionals say with 100-million people tuning in to the big game, it boils down to just 4-cents per viewer and that’s an ad value.
“Fifty-five percent of the people are watching more for the commercials than they are for the game, they’re not football fans, they’re ad fans and who doesn’t love a good ad, they’re tuning in just for the commercials,” says Dave Shoffner, Senior Public Relations Strategist.
So, which commercials resonated with viewers, and which left you scratching your head?
Bud Light, with its “guy who doesn’t know he’s going to be in a Super Bowl commercial” spot made an impact with viewers.
The pros at Pavone say that spot hit the mark. They say other companies like Anheuser-Busch and Doritos were also successful in tying their products to their ads.
Others, like Go Daddy, missed the mark.
Michael Pavone says, “I’m pretty sure that half of America still does not know what Go Daddy does and they spend money year after year, they undress Danica Patrick year after year and this year they changed it up and tried something else, but I don’t know that they really communicate what they do very well.”
Others they say came up short were Maserati and Turbo Tax.
Pavone is keeping track of the ads and seeing what you think with Spot Bowl XI.
It gives people across the country the chance to vote for their favorite spots on the company’s website. Voting is unlimited and open until 3:00 Monday afternoon. To vote, click here: http://www.spotbowl.com/


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