Quick Recipes that Taste Great for Super Bowl

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If you don’t have your Game Day menu ready by now, let’s face it: your options may be limited.  But limited doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious, or impressive.  If you’re close to a convenience store, or you have a well-stocked pantry and freezer, you should be golden.

Cheese Steak Pizza (or cheesesteak fries):  Grab your frozen cheesesteak meat, a pre-made pizza dough.  Par cook your pizza dough:  cook about half the amount of time as the package suggests.  Meanwhile, cook up your cheesesteaks in bacon fat.  Spread a tiny bit of pizza sauce or tomato sauce on the par-cooked dough, then top with the meat and pour your Velveeta® – beer cheese sauce (see above) over.  Garnish with crumbled bacon, sautéed onions, or whatever else you like on your cheesesteak!

Chili-Cheese Fries:  Cook up your favorite frozen fries.  While they’re in the oven, pop open a couple of cans of chili, and improve the flavor with espresso granules and chocolate (see above).  When the fries are done, turn out onto a large warmed platter and sprinkle with sea salt.  Drizzle just a bit of your Velveeta®-beer cheese sauce (see above), then a healthy dose of chili, and then another drizzle of the cheese sauce.  Serve with forks and spoons!  No fries?  Use nacho chips or corn chips instead!

Uber-tasty Velveeta® Cheese Dip:  Add ½ cup salsa and 1 can (about 14.5 ounce) of refried beans to the recipe above.  Heat on a stove top stirring until everything is melted and combined.  Serve with nacho chips, over nacho chips, or use as a sauce and seasoning for tacos.