Talking Broncos with superfan & Z Country 106.7 host Jenna Clay

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A familiar voice during the morning commute also happens to be one of the biggest Denver Broncos fans in Central Pennsylvania.

Z Country 106.7’s Jenna Clay is a Colorado native, who has lived in Pennsylvania for years.

Tuning in to Chachi and Jenna in the morning, it doesn’t take long to figure out which team Jenna is rooting for to take Super Bowl 48. A look inside the studio, and it’s half-Broncos, half-Steelers territory.

“You’ll be able to see Jenna Clay in all her Broncos glory,” Chachi said.

“And Chachi in his bumblebee outfit,” said Jenna.

But the Broncos superfan doesn’t mind being outnumbered here in the Keystone state.

“I love that there’s so many different kinds of fans around here, so anytime we play the Steelers, I have someone to smack talk to, but I only smack talk before a game or if we lose,” she said. “If we win, I just kind of let it go because I don’t like to rub it in.”

Just make sure you don’t smack talk during the game.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to chat,” Jenna said. “I want to be like, ‘Go Demaryius! You get that touchdown!”

Like so many fans, she has plenty of team gear to choose from, and some odd game day rituals.

“I have not washed this jersey all season,” she said. “I do wear a shirt underneath to try to help with the smell. I try not to drool on it or anything, but I’m, I’m superstitious.”

We’ll soon know if Jenna’s superstitions sway the Super Bowl in the Broncos favor, but here’s her prediction for the final score: “Broncos 84, Seahawks -14.”