Lancaster County digging out after heavy snowfall

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People in Lancaster County are still digging out after the heavy snowfall Monday.

Plows from local municipalities and PennDOT cleared roadways across the county from the beginning of morning rush hour until the evening rush hour commute.

Throughout the day, the heavy, wet snow quickly covered streets that had just been plowed of several inches of show.

The large snowflakes also reduced visibility for drivers.

“[Route] 30 is a lot better than the inner-city roads,” said Rafael Mayo of Columbia. “I mean, they’re doing a pretty good job keeping up on it, but it hasn’t stopped so it’s pretty rough.”

All of those factors led to many stalled vehicles and accidents, and also brought out acts of goodwill.

“There were three good Samaritans that got out of their four-wheel drives and started helping people and pushing some of the cars that were stuck along the road, or I might still be out there,” said Dorie Weik of AAA Central Penn.

A select few people, like Pam Baldwin of Columbia, decided to start shoveling their driveways while the snow was still coming down.

“It’s a big workout! Yup. Something I didn’t expect to do today,” she said. “The sooner you get the majority of it cleaned up, the better you are when it’s done and over with. It’s not so heavy.”

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