Water Main Break During Morning Rush Hour and Snow Storm

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  • TonytIiger

    Water mains, sewer lines, gas leaks, bridges unsafe, sink holes ect…ect…. Our infrastructure is old and in dire need of repairs and upgrades. Yet they say there are no jobs. There could be many jobs made available. I heard on the news recently about a program our Gov. wants so spend millions of dollars on to upgrade and improve camp grounds and parks. Reading stories and reports such as this one its obvious where the federal money and our tax dollars can be better spent. I won't condemn what the Gov wants to do, but in my opinion safety should come before pleasure.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      It's tradition to chase civic problems instead of being proactive. Upgrading the infrastructure does not produce additional revenue. Upgrading camps and parks is a project sold to us in that it attracts more visitors' and their money. You can actually see the effects whereas you cannot see that which is underground.

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