Winter weather impacts grocery store sales in Central PA

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This season’s winter weather is impacting how grocery stores are stocking their shelves. From Super Bowl Sunday to the string of bad weather that has hit our region.  Store around Central PA are seeing in increase in customers.

Charles Gesey is the Center Store Manager at Weis in York Township.  He says the day before snow is always busy.  And on days like Monday, the volume dies off.  But grocery stores are gearing up for another onslaught of shoppers.

Gesey says, “Boosts business pretty good.  It doesn’t hurt us that’s for sure, what we make up, we give back.  But we’re all always making more than what we need and we always take care of the customers with extra milk, bread, eggs, make sure we have the supply for them.”

Gesey says this year’s sales are unique to more recent years due to the increase in snow.  Before you go crazy buying your essentials, there are some shopping tips that will help you save while you stock up for the week.
Gesey says, “The sales we got, like now we’re running the low price guarantee that’s low-priced anywhere.  Or buying in bulk is always a way to save a little money.”

He says when it comes to toilet paper, times have changed. More people are buying bulk so there aren’t as many last-minute personal hygiene purchases.

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