Rock salt supply shortage

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People all over Central Pennsylvania are scrambling to find available supplies of rock salt ahead of the next storm set to strike Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  Many stores locally and nationally are struggling to supply people with rock salt as the nation continues to deal with an extreme winter season.  Hornung’s Ace Hardware in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County is one of only a few places with a supply of rock salt left.  The store’s manager says this morning was an absolute zoo as people tried to get their hands on one of the last remaining bags.  Slippery conditions even led to an accident in the parking lot.

Jason Hornung, GM, Hornung’s Ace Hardware says, “We use several different suppliers and they are almost all out.  They’re telling us the next time we can get a truck is ten weeks and that takes us to April so that’s no good.  So most of our supply is almost completely out. We’re ordering whatever we can find at this point.”

At the start of the day, Hornung’s had 45 skids of rock salt, as of 3 p.m. they had only one remaining skid left.