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Harrisburg residents try to keep up with wintry weather

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The City of Harrisburg had a rather calm night. Mayor Eric Papenfuse said they were very fortunate in the city to have only have had a few instances throughout the night such as downed trees, and a small appliance fire.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse addressed the media Wednesday morning. He addressed questions that have come up regarding the storm, one of which is broken parking meters. “Don’t worry,  parking enforcement is relaxed and will be in the case of weather emergencies,” said Mayor Papenfuse. He said he did not declare a snow emergency, “We have accrued some overtime, but its all within reasonable projections thus far. We have not felt the need to declare a State of Emergency, which would relax purchasing rules and some other things. We just haven’t needed to.”

One problem Papenfuse did see is people not cleaning up the sidewalks. “Coming in this morning there were folks jogging in the middle of the street which I thought was difficult with all of the ice. Obviously it is incumbent on business owners to shovel their walks,” said Papenfuse.

If you live in the City of Harrisburg and know of a downed tree you are asked to call (717) 315-2101.

Harrisburg residents try to keep up with wintry weather

Like many, Landlord Camille Bennett said she is tired of shoveling.  “It has been endless chopping, and endless shoveling, snow blowing, salt, let’s see about 1,500 pounds of salt that I have used so far!  I don’t know how many calories that I have burned off, but this is good exercise!” said Bennett with laughter.

She owns six properties in the city. “This is my last stop, thank god, thank god for him!” said Bennett, referring to one of her tenants who came outside to lend a hand.

“When I’m done I want a big pot of coffee and a nice hot bath,” said Bennett.