Tens of thousands without power in York County

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Hundreds of workers arrived from out of state to assist Met-Ed’s efforts to restore power in York County. They met at the York Expo Center for directions.

“They come from basically Ohio, Maryland and elsewhere to do this,” says Dave Conger, a superintendent for J.W. Didado power company.

Still, going into Wednesday night more than 45,000 customers remain without power with Met-Ed.

Some families are turning to wood stoves for heat, which caused a fire in East Hopewell Township, York County. No one was injured.

“They lit their stove on the first floor,” says Ira Walker Jr., fire chief with Eureka Fire Company. “They noticed some smoke coming from the walls, smoke detector sounded, they got out of the house.”

It’s been a busy day for Walker and many emergency crews.

“Trees down, transformers blowing, a vehicle accident here, different types of things,” he says.

One family in East Hopewell Twp who still had no power near the fire, also had no water, because they rely on well water.

“We’ve been having a lot of branches and trees and stuff falling, we’ve been out of power since 4 this morning,” says homeowner Richard Zentkovich. “We’ve called in twice and they said they’ll get it back as fast as they can.”