Generators selling out during power outage

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Home Depot in York has been selling out of generators as quickly as they they get them, and that’s the case with many stores around the area.

The store got a shipment of 18 generators Thursday night but they were all claimed right away, by people waiting in line who say they’re still without power.

The store also just got new shipments of kerosene heaters and salt, which they had sold out of. They’re still out of shovels.

“We decided that it’s time, down in New Freedom, this is something that happens on a regular basis,” says Kim Butcher, of of New Freedom Twp., York County. “So this is an investment.”

Butcher says they’ve been keeping warm with their gas fireplace. But their power company told them power won’t come back until Sunday.

Home Depot stores in York and Shrewsbury Twp. will each get shipment of 80 generators, early Friday morning.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    A generator is like a lawn mower, something practically everyone should have. Hmm, why not create a lawn mower with power outlets that has a conversion to turn off the blade. Who's in for this business venture?

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