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Lights out in Lancaster County -people staying in hotels

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Thousands in Lancaster County are still in the dark tonight and they could remain that way until Saturday night.
Hotels in the area filled up fast today -while others opted to head to warming centers.
We went to Manheim Towship where one hotel offered discounted rates for people needing a place to stay.
The Eden Resort is now 79 dollars a night compared to about 150 bucks a night.  But they’ve been booked since this afternoon and they say they will keep these rates until people are able to get back into their homes.
Homes get cold pretty fast in the dead of winter without power and The Eden Resort in Manheim Township a refuge for some of the thousands across Lancaster County left in the dark.
“I was actually headed to florida and i wasn’t able to make it down our hill and then we lost power and i couldn’t leave the kids at home”, said Gina Mancuso of East Hempfield Township.
The hotel filled up all 288 of it’s rooms within hours. People thankful for things you take for granted when the power is on.  Maddie Garrett said she’s thankful, “Probably showering just small things you don’t think about not having”
Claudia grim and her son enjoying their new home away from home saying,  “We had no power all day and so we played board games and legos but it got colder throughout the day so we came here and went swimming and had fun .”
 So much so that William Grim is thinking about coming back!
Others are opting to stay at warming shelters like one in East Petersburg. 
William Kincaid said he’s happy the shelter allows both him and his dog to stay the night and “I don’t go anywhere without her if I can help it. If I couldn’t bring the dog I would’ve probably stayed home. I wouldn’t have gone to a shelter and left her home to fend for herself so to speak.”
Most of the people we spoke with at The Eden Resort are still being told to not expect power until sometime this weekend and if you do have to come there and your power turns back on before you stay the night the hotel will give you your money back.