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Wedding plans hindered after venue loses power

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Brandon Moore met his fiancee Eraina 5 years ago at the Promised Land Christian Camp in Conestoga Township, Lancaster County. “I couldn’t imagine my life without her” said Moore.

The same camp where they met and fell in love will serve as the venue for their reception on Saturday, but there’s just on problem. Promised Land lost power this week after trees fell on nearby power lines.

“My dad’s borrowing generators from his work so that’s probably what we’ll end up doing, having generators there. If we can’t work that out I think we have as a back up going to our church and setting stuff up there” said Moore.

Invitations went out months ago, so there’s no chance of changing the venue. Brandon’s handling things pretty well, but he said Eraina is on edge. “Yeah she is. Probably more than me. She’s doing most of it so I think she’s a little more stressed about it than I am” said Moore.

Meanwhile Moore said nothing will get in the way of true love. “It might not be exactly as planned, but we’re going to do it whether there’s power or the roads are icy” said Moore.