Man accused of stealing over $8,700 worth of lotto tickets

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Carlos Joseph SAVERINO

A New Cumberland man is accused of stealing over $8,700 worth of lottery tickets from a convenience store in Lemoyne, police said.

Carlos J. Saverino, 20, was arrested Friday and is charged with theft by unlawful taking.

Saverino reportedly stole the scratch off lotto tickets from the Turkey Hill located along the 400 block of South 3rd Street in Lemoyne, police said.

He was taken to Cumberland County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 12.


  • TonytIiger

    Stupid s stupid does. I'll bet he didn't even know all scratch off tickets have serial numbers and its known where each ticket was shipped to. So he probably got caught when he tried to redeem a "winning" ticket and became an instant loser.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    The lottery is owned by the state. Don't mess with the state. You won't get away with it.
    (Same principle applies with the liquor stores.)

      • MyTakeOnIt

        Try to pull anything on the PA Lottery or Wine & Spirits stores. You won't get far at all.
        Better off stealing from Bingo venues and Giant Foods beer cafes.

        It's like the difference between robbing a Federal Bank, a State Store, a convenience store, a pizza delivery driver, a homeless guy or an unattended can of charity money sitting on a counter. The further down this list, the less risk and attention from the law.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    By the way, the correct term for a scratch-off ticket is Instant Lottery ticket. Lotto is a specific numbers-drawing game that has nothing to do with Instant Lottery tickets.

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