Power outages create hurdles for those who live with disabilities

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A York County disabled Iraq  War Veteran lost power for days last week,  and once again Monday morning.  Fortunately, the family’s power came back on late this afternoon. Ryan Walton served in Iraq and received an award for his work during the Fort Hood Massacre. Walton says being in the dark and managing his disability brought on a lot of challenges over the past week.

Walton spends most of his day in his electric bed, just one of the things that became an obstacle for him when the power went out last Wednesday.

“ When the power went off I have an electric bed so I couldn`t move my bed to get my spine into the position I  need to have my spine in a comfortable alignment,” says Walton

After a few hours they left for  a family member’s home.  Something many wouldn’t think twice about but, transportation  is a hurdle for Walton.

“ It was tough getting there with my back  because even getting into the car, the cold in the house tightened my back so much,” says Walton

His wife Krystle is his full time caretaker who says it’s the little things that affected them without power.

“ With my husband`s injury and PTSD keeping him on a schedule keeps stress down, and not having power increases stress, “ says Krystle Walton, Ryan’s wife

The Walton’s are hoping they’ve seen the last of power outages for the winter.

“ It was not being able to have warm water I couldn`t get him clean for a sponge bath so it all just snow balls, and  something could be the littlest thing that aggravates everything , “ says Krystle

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