Sinkhole causes partial building collapse in Palmyra

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Another day, another sinkhole in Palmyra, Lebanon County, at least that’s what it seems like.

The latest sinkhole opened up Sunday night at 1221 E. Main Street at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions.

A crew plowing snow on the property came across the sinkhole around 11 p.m. The sinkhole caused part of a building to collapse and left a 20-foot deep hole in the lot.

The company’s CEO declined an on-camera interview, but said no one was hurt.

The Palmyra Fire Company made sure no one was inside the building and turned off the utilities.

Monday, engineers spent the day inspecting the sinkhole and determining how best to repair it.

Directly across the road from the sinkhole is the appropriately named, “Sinkhole Saloon and Grille.”

General Manager Chris Uecker said the business has the name for a reason.

“At our main entrance, we have an ongoing issue with a sinkhole, which is supposedly going to be fixed at some point,” he said. “They’ve filled it in many a times.”

These sinkholes are not only a nuisance and potential danger, but they can also cause business to sink right along with them.

“Every time that we close down that front entrance, it affects my business,” Uecker said. “People have to be re-routed. They go through the bank parking lot or the back way, but if your entrance is closed, people may just go, ‘Eh, let’s go somewhere else!'”

Palmyra Borough Manager Roger Powl said because this latest sinkhole is on private property, it’s up to the company to repair it. But, he said the borough is working on a plan to deal with the numerous other sinkholes that have plagued neighborhoods in the town.

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