Flower store gets ready for Valentine’s Day despite Thursday’s storm

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Susan Barts owns the Flowers By Laney store in Shrewsbury Township, York County. She said she’s determined to get all of the roughly 400 orders that have been placed at her shop to their intended recipients despite Thursday snowstorm. “Well we’re kind of preparing for the worst at this point” said Barts.

Barts plans to bring in 3 additional drivers on Friday and has 2 more flower designers just for Valentine’s Day. She said the intense winter we’ve had so far makes her job all the more relevant. “This year of any year anyone that can look for something like Spring in their house, I think it would help their mood. After a while everyone starts to get cabin fever” said Barts.

Barts said the strangest order she’s filling this year is for a man who bought 6 yellow roses for his ex-wife. She said he’s been doing it for the last 10 years. “I would think for them and in their relationship it would represent that they’re still friends” said Barts who feels it’s her responsibility to keep it that way.


“No matter what the weather conditions are once you have pre-booked that product it’s yours” said Barts. Roughly 15% of her business comes from Valentine’s Day alone.

Not everyone is using Flowers By Laney. For those that have shipped Valentine’s Day gifts using FedEx you can see if it will get to its intended recipient on time by clicking here.