“Hi Mom, God Bless U!” appears in snow at Chicago Hospital

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Chicago (WGN) — A heart-warming message showed up Sunday on the roof of Rush University Medical Center’s parking garage.

“Hi Mom, God Bless U!” was written in the snow and could be seen from multiple hospital rooms.

According to a hospital staff member, the photo was taken from room 1155, though it is unclear who the intended recipient is.

One Rush employee said “It reminds us of what we fight for everyday as healthcare workers. We fight for the families of our patients just as much as we fight for the lives of our patients. No matter how cold it gets, there is always a message of warmth if we just open our eyes to see it.”

Angela Washek, Surgical Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Rush University Medical Center said she saw four individuals writing the message at 1:00 a.m., “We don’t know who though and would love to find out!”