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People living in York Township want their traffic signal back

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People in York County are fighting to get a traffic signal back. They say its absence is creating a safety issue in and around their neighborhood.   The intersection of Route 124 and Chambers Road had a traffic signal but in January it was removed for a construction project to widen the road.

More than 200 people packed  a York Township Board of Commissioners meeting to voice their concerns.

“Removing the light is not only impacting our safety as we enter and exit our neighborhood it’s impacting the safety inside our neighborhood,” says Jennifer Gaydos of York Township

Township Commissioners said Tuesday during the meeting that they stand behind residents and  if they could put the light back in they would. But that PennDOT told them they wouldn’t replace the light.

FOX43 spoke with a PennDOT spokesperson who says they do not plan on putting a new signal back in the intersection. They said the signal was only put there temporarily.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    I am curious as to how it impacts the safety inside the neighborhood.

    It's a shame that the wanton massive building projects in the 24/124 corridor over the past 25 years never took into account the massive traffic that would follow in the future. The roads must be worked on at a huge taxpayer cost to all to alleviate the congestion that followed, for safety's sake among other reasons.

    That neighborhood back there was one of the first in the windfall that followed. Poor traffic planning, design and slow response in PA is a tradition that is not going to change in our lifetimes. One of the things one can do is view the plans PennDOT publishes before projects get bid and attend the public meetings to voice the concerns before the construction/destruction begins. Making changes to plans after the whole project has started throws everything out of whack.

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