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Ongoing extreme weather jeopardizes small businesses

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The weather is challenging profit margins for some small business owners. Many are unable to cater to customers because people won’t leave their homes when it’s snowing.  And businesses also close their doors until the roads are safer.

Smoke BBQ chef, Josh White, sizzles up everything BBQ.  But when the weather is frightful, customers simmer at their Lower Paxton, Dauphin County restaurant.

Josh’s wife and owner,  Jenna, says, “There’s a slight bit of panic that sets in once weather news is released and we see a decline in sales once that starts.”

Jenna says there’s a decline in business evenings before snow and the day of.  Their locally sourced meats take time to prepare, so placing orders ahead a weather event is guessing game.

Jenna says, “Things have to be ordered in a timely fashion from the farm who speaks to the butcher.  We can’t call for extra, we can’t call to decrease our orders.  It’s not meat coming form a huge corporation sitting frozen in a warehouse.”

In York Township, Bikram Yoga has been open since the fall.  This winter, a chance to escape the cold in 105 degree heat isn’t always an option.

Instructor, Megan Forry says, “Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel more classes than we’d like to because we want to keep everybody safe.  There’s no point in driving in the snow for yoga, it’s not worth it to get hurt or an accident.”

Until Spring settles in Central PA, small businesses will continue to serve any way they can.

Smoke BBQ

Bikram Yoga York

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