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Snowstorm a lesson in meteorology for students at Millersville

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We’ve seen our share of memorable snow storms over the years here in Central Pennsylvania.

“ Winters here in South Central Pennsylvania can be really finicky and really the pattern heading into a winter can really lock in one way or the other.  It can be feast or famine for snow lovers, “ says Eric Horst, Director of the Weather Center at Millersville University

And some meteorology students at Millersville University are using Thursday’s storm as a real life lesson in weather. Storms like the Blizzard of 1996 are ones that students can only ready about. While this week’s storm won’t be as large, when they have the chance to study storms as they happen  it’s the best way for them to learn.

“ It`s exciting you get to look at the current radar and compare those images to the models it`s a great learning experience,” says Kyle Elliott, a Senior Meteorology Student at Millersville University

Horst says that that patterns for major snow falls of two feet or more tend to happen about every eight to ten years in Pennsylvania.