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How you can help clean up the snow in cities

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The heavy snow will undoubtedly pose safety issues over the coming days. Starting now we all have a role in finding a place to push, shovel and move the snow. With severe weather like this, emergency officials need all the help they can get from the public.

The City of York sent out a notice to people to clear the snow around fire hydrants and potentially save lives. “We are asking people to clear fire hydrants so if there is a fire, crews can get to them,” said York City Director of Public Works James Gross.

The city is currently under a snow emergency and crews will continue working throughout the night trying to clear the snow. “It’s a challenge there is no question about that. That’s one of the reasons we do a snow emergency is to get cars off our snow emergency routes,” said Gross. An issue city officials are seeing is where people are putting the shoveled snow. “One of the challenges we are facing right now is people throwing snow back into the street, please don’t do that,” said Gross.

Another issue is people walking in the streets, “I can’t stress that enough. Motorists are walking in the street and not paying attention sometimes or they are not aware of people walking and it is very dangerous to talk in the street,” said Gross.

When asked about the policy for people shoveling out their parking spaces and saving them with objects such as trash cans or chairs, Gross said at the moment they will be lenient, but not this weekend. “The city will put out a notice telling people they have to get those things off the street. We often times just go around and remove them,” said Gross.

With all of the cars, people, and now snow, officials are asking for residents to help in following these tips so they can get the city cleaned up as soon as possible.