Woman arrested on child endangerment, drug charges

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Frequent complaints of drug activity leads to the arrest a Cumberland County woman on drug and child endangerment charges. Yesterday, Middlesex Township Police executed a search warrant in the first block of Buckeye Lane in Country Manor mobile home park. A wanted man had also been seen at the home. Police also had reason to believe that the sale and transfer of stolen guns were also taking place at the residence.

Seized from the home were three black bags with blue ties along with two store plastic bags. Inside the bags found were many small baggie style wrappers which are used to store heroin before use. Also found were several needles, a marijuana stem and seed which someone tried to make sprout and a $20 bill which was rolled up. Also located was corners of some baggies which were torn, this is another way of storing narcotics, as well as a booklet for a Mossberg shotgun. A spent .357 casing and a live 12 Gauge, live 00-Buck round, and a live 30-30 round were observed. Numerous needles, which were used to inject heroin, were located scattered around the residence, along with a crack pipe.

Nicole Benner was arrested on three counts of Possession of Paraphernalia, and one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Benner’s 8 year old child was living at the home in deplorable conditions.  Police say the numerous needles, which still contained small amounts of heroin, were just strewn about, created a severe safety hazard for the child and making it likely the child could have accidentally ingested heroin. The child is currently staying with family.



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