Harrisburg cleans up after Nor’easter drops 8 inches of snow

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Ahead of another round of snowfall, people in Harrisburg spent the day digging out from Thursday’s Nor’easter.

“Out there shoveling, snow blowing, plowing,” said Brian Fisch, who was clearing a property on Boas Street near Front Street.

But Fisch said he’ll take shoveling eight inches of snow over dealing with ice any day.

“The worst part is the ice that hit us last week,” he said. “It’s still underneath everything.”

Plowing continued for city street crews as well, getting snow off of the roads so people could get back to work.

“Today we were able to go back, get some of the secondary thoroughfares, collect a lot of the excess snow that had been built up and transport that off and away from the streets,” Mayor Eric Papenfuse.

The storm blew over just in time to avoid ruining people’s Valentine’s Day plans.

Mayor Papenfuse celebrated the day of love by officiating a wedding for one happy couple at City Hall.

“It’s a day to remember forever,” said bride Martina Mondine.

But the thought of a few more inches of snow to fall this weekend has many begging for mercy.

“That’s too much snow, that’s too much snow!” said Tishiro Jones, who was out shoveling with a friend to make a few extra bucks.

Still, others said it’s all a part of winter in the Northeast.

“What are you going to do? This is Pennsylvania, man!” Fisch said. “You don’t like it? Move to Florida!”

Papenfuse said the city of Harrisburg has plenty of salt to deal with several more inches of snow projected for Friday into Saturday morning.

Crews are also on standby if they’re needed overnight.